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Don't Go Broke Showcasing Your Books

There are services out there whose goal appears to simply get authors to pay to showcase, and do little to attract producers and directors to your books/screenplays.

MBTF by AmazonList

We provide space for unlimited uploads of books and screenplays, without demanding ROFR (right of first refusal} or demanding producers enter a back-end profit deal.

Your Rights Are Your Rights

The deal for film rights is between you and the interested producer, director or studio exec. Unlike one database who constantly advertises on Facebook, we keep it simple.

Your Submissions Never Expire!

Why Pay More Than Necessary to Showcase Your Books And Screenplays?


Bringing Words to Life
  • Unlimited Books Upload to Library
  • Your Book Listings Never Expire
  • No 'Right of First Refusal' Demand
  • No Profit Sharing Demand on Producers
  • Author Marketing Network-Includes MBTF
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Includes Blogging, Forums, Groups
  • Private Messaging w/Network Members
  • Unlimited Image Uploads to Network


Book Database
$88-499 / year/ea. book
  • Unlimited, But At Above Price Per Book
  • Listings Expire In 1 Year If Not Renewed
  • Does Demand Right of First Refusal
  • Does Request Profit-Sharing From Producers
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

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Authors and screenwriters worldwide are welcome to join our database of film-worthy works available for review by producers/directors/studios

Unlimited Number of Projects For $0.00

There is no cost per book or screenplay.

We Provide The Process For Project Development

We provide you the format for presenting your projects

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A Few Film Industry Companies We Invite to Review Your Projects

A Few Film Industry Companies We Invite to Review Your Projects.

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