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Our Outreach to Film Industry

Our Services Are Free. You’ve Got Nothing to Lose, And Everything to Gain.

While some entities will offer to represent writers/screenwriters to the film industry, the most important thing is to make film-worthy projects available without excessive or unnecessary commentary. Film industry professionals are perfectly capable of making judgments based up having sufficient information to reach independent decisions. Our job is to present the material. That is what we pledge to do.

  • Promotion to Industry

    We provide direct access to the industry who are free to examine our library by genre and based upon the detailed information we obtain in the submission form.

  • No Gimmicky Voting

    If a company promotes public voting for DISCOVERY of books those voting haven't read, what does that say? It's not about the book, it's about getting attention to make more money on submissions.

  • We Raise Visibility

    Our goal is to create visibility for your submissions. We offer resources that give you insights into improving the quality of your books. We do so by your membership in Amazon List Author network. There, other authors share their knowledge and experiences.